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Nareit’s ESG JumpStart virtual class series kicked off to a great beginning with its first three classes covering the fundamentals of starting, implementing, and improving ESG and DEI programs for CRE and REIT professionals. This week’s courses will cover new, timely topics, including:

  • ESG Reporting Foundations
  • Preparing for the SEC’s Proposed Climate Rule and Carbon Accounting
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in the Built Environment

Class enrollment is ongoing, so anyone from ESG novices to advanced ESG professionals can sign up at any time and access all six classes, either live or on-demand throughout the year.

Each course is taught by ESG leaders who have real-world experience and who work within the CRE, ESG, and REIT industries, including representatives from Healthpeak Properties, Hudson Pacific Properties, EY, Deloitte, and more.

Highlights from Class #1: Foundations of ESG in Real Estate

During this session, participants learned what ESG means and got an in-depth look at the relevant E, S, and G concepts, factors, and metrics for real estate. For example, participants learned why having an ESG materiality assessment is a critical first step in successfully measuring, managing, and disclosing a company’s ESG performance. Leaders also covered specific issues within E, S, and G that REIT stakeholders evaluate—and gave participants the critical knowledge they need to effectively communicate with stakeholders about those issues.

Highlights from Class #2: How to Effectively Start Your ESG Program

In this course, attendees received step-by-step instructions for how to set up ESG programs and conduct materiality assessments, learned about policymakers’ different approaches to the definition of materiality, heard real-world examples of how REITs evaluated and met their ESG resource needs, and more. The teachers also discussed different E, S, and G targets and goals and offered insights into common ESG budget items for ESG reporting.

Highlights from Class #3: How to Kickstart or Improve DEI Programs in Your Company

During this class, participants explored key best practices for making cultural change and building an effective DEI program. For example, the teachers shared specific lessons learned from designing and implementing DEI initiatives and discussed the importance of having a DEI framework that meets a company where it is rather than where it wants to be. Attendees also learned about the common DEI and correlated social responsibility metrics and reporting frameworks.

If you’re interested in accessing last week’s classes and participating in this week’s courses, register now.

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