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In a recent blog posting on the George Washington University alumni site, Margaret Solaqua, Nareit’s director of office support, was recognized for the internship program she began in 2001. Since that time, more than 100 paid interns have worked in Nareit’s Washington, D.C. office, and one-third have been GW students or graduates.

Solaqua’s connection with GW began in 1974 when she began taking classes at the university. She was also working full-time at AT&T at the time, so she was only able to take one class per semester. She graduated in 1991 with her master’s certificate in federal government project management.

When Solaqua began the internship program at Nareit 10 years later, it was a natural fit to advertise open positions on GW’s internship and job site. Nareit’s office is also only three blocks from GW’s campus, which makes it convenient for potential interns as well.

To read the complete story, visit the GW Alumni News site.

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