04/27/2020 | by

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis will continue to have a meaningful impact on how Nareit executes investor outreach efforts during the remainder of the year. The current situation has required us to adapt the ways in which we reach our target audiences. For example, a key element of Nareit’s outreach program is executed through in-person meetings with institutional investors. In the new environment, we have transitioned to conducting investor meetings virtually through videoconference and teleconference.

Beginning in May, virtual campaigns are planned with key institutional investors, including:

  • Global investment consultants
  • Global sovereign wealth funds and U.S. pension funds
  • Global real estate investment managers

In addition to virtual meetings with investors, Nareit's research and investor outreach team continues to stay engaged with key audiences through webinars, media interviews, online newsletters, and market commentaries.

(Contact: Kurt Walten at kwalten@nareit.com)

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