During the first half of 2016, the NAREIT Investor Outreach (IO) team conducted 240 meetings with many large and influential investment organizations within the institutional investment marketplace. Collectively, these entities represent $31 trillion in assets under management or advisement. 

The 240 meetings included:

  • 64 with global pension, retirement, and sovereign wealth funds representing close to $2 trillion combined in assets;
  • 32 with investment consultants with assets under advisement of more than $12.5 trillion combined;
  • 103 with investment managers representing more than $16.8 trillion combined; and
  •  41 meetings with other organizations and associations active in the pension and retirement industry.

A focus for many of the meetings with investment managers and investment consultants within the $6.7 trillion defined contribution (DC) market continues to be on research NAREIT sponsored with Wilshire Associates on the role of U.S. REITs and global listed real estate securities within target date funds, the most rapidly growing investment products in most 401(k) accounts and other tax-advantaged savings plans. During the first half the Wilshire research was shared with investment managers that in combination control more than 70 percent of target date fund assets.

In terms of the $7.3 trillion individual retirement account (IRA) market, NAREIT continues to implement a comprehensive outreach program targeted at financial intermediaries, including financial advisors, who have a strong influence over the investment allocation decisions made on a significant portion of IRA assets. Sixty-five of the 103 meetings NAREIT had with investment managers during the year were with managers active in both the $6.7 trillion DC and $7.3 trillion IRA markets, and the meetings and ongoing relationships with these leading firms provide NAREIT with the opportunity to influence two-thirds of the entire $21.9 trillion retirement market.

IO was also active on the institutional investment conference circuit in the first half of 2016. Members of the team attended 22 events, participating in 14 as a speaker, board member or sponsor.  


(Contact: Kurt Walten at kwalten@nareit.com)


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