NAREIT's Communications team regularly evaluates how we communicate to our members as well as the broader public. This includes printed publications such asREIT magazine; REIT.com, the leading online source for REIT industry news and information; and multimedia offerings such as NAREIT's web videos and podcasts.

NewsBrief is among NAREIT's most important lines of communication with its membership. In an effort to provide you with a more reader-friendly product, our weekly electronic newsletter will start hitting your inboxes next week in a new format.

Rather than including full articles, the new version of NewsBrief will instead consist of links back to stories on NAREIT Developments, a page on REIT.com devoted to informing NAREIT membership about the latest developments at NAREIT and in the REIT industry. We believe that the revised format will provide a more accessible reading experience. It will also be optimized for viewing on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

We believe that you will find the new version of NewsBrief to be a welcome enhancement.

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