NAREIT and the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) joined forces in September for a series of investor outreach meetings in Europe.

NAREIT Senior Vice President for Investment Affairs and Investor Education Meredith Despins, EPRA CEO Dominique Morehenout and members of EPRA’s investor outreach team met with major investment organizations in the United Kingdom, Norway, Germany and Switzerland.

Meetings were conducted with key decision-makers at 23 organizations, including pension and sovereign funds, investment consultants, investment managers, insurance companies and private wealth managers.

The total aggregated assets under management and advisement of these organizations is more than $13 trillion.

During the meetings, a frequent topic of conversation was the ability to gain exposure by investing in REITs and listed property companies to property sectors and geographies that might otherwise be difficult to access.

Discussions during the meetings also focused on research regarding the optimal allocations to global real estate within mixed asset investment portfolios. Another key topic of conversation was NAREIT-sponsored research by CEM Benchmarking on the impact of asset allocation decisions on the performance of U.S. pension funds.

(Contact: Meredith Despins at mdespins@nareit.com)

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