NAREIT, Altus Group Ltd. and the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF) are sponsoring the 2017 Real Confidence University Challenge, a year-long competition in which teams from 38 universities vie to create the best-performing portfolio from a mixture of real estate investments.

Each university team is tasked with allocating $1 billion in theoretical capital among a variety of commercial real estate investment opportunities found within the public and private equity and debt sectors that would yield the highest total investment return in 2017.

“We believe the competition offers a great opportunity for students to learn important lessons about real estate and the essential role it plays in investment portfolios,” said Steve Wechsler, president and CEO of NAREIT.

The competition will conclude in January 2018 and offers $50,000 in total prize money.

Texas Christian University was the winner of the previous Real Confidence University Portfolio Challenge, which featured teams from 15 universities.

Results and commentary on the competition can be found at www.realconfidence.com/university.


(Contact: Sarah Borchersen-Keto at sborchersen_keto@nareit.com)

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