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Nareit and US Vets
Photo, L-R: Gladys Marrone, Executive Director, Nareit Hawaii, Josh Green, M.D., Governor of Hawaii, Darryl Vincent, COO, U.S. VETS, Gregory Williams, Executive Director, U.S. VETS Barbers Point, Hawaii

A $50,000 grant from Nareit Hawaii to U.S.VETS is funding projects that are giving formerly homeless residents of a master-planned, tiny homes community more independence as they rebuild their lives.

Called Kama‘okū Kauhale, the community opened in December 2021 and consists of 36 permanent housing units, each measuring 100 square feet.

New amenities supported by the grant include resident and community storage spaces, private mailbox units, a kitchen to make home-cooked meals, and a modular office for staff to provide daily services.

Nareit Hawaii Executive Director Gladys Quinto Marrone said, “U.S.VETS has done an incredible job showing what is possible with Kama‘okū Kauhale in its first year and how the direction of people’s lives can be dramatically improved. We’re pleased to be doing our part to help make this community stronger and giving the people who depend on it a better life.”

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