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Nareit Women in Need Grant Check

A $10,000 grant from Nareit Hawaii to the nonprofit Women In Need is helping residents in the Kealaula on Pua Loke housing project on Kauai to transition from being homeless to having their own home.

Opened in December 2020, Kealaula on Pua Loke is a tiny homes community of 15 single-story duplex buildings offering 22 one-bedroom units and six studio units, each with its own bathroom and kitchen.

The grant fills a funding gap in helping residents purchase basic essentials to stock their units, such as laundry soap, dish soap, toilet paper, and toothpaste, items they didn’t have to buy while homeless.

Kauai Mayor Derek S.K. Kawakami expressed his gratitude for the funding support. “We are truly thankful for Nareit Hawaii’s generosity to Women In Need and the community of Kealaula on Pua Loke,” said Mayor Kawakami. “This grant will continue to support Women In Need to provide residents with necessities, social support services, and the knowledge needed to transition out of homelessness.”

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