During the third quarter of 2015, NAREIT conducted 138 meetings with many of the United States’ largest and most influential investment organizations. Collectively, these entities represent close to $9 trillion in assets under management or advisement.

The 138 meetings included:

  • 28 with prominent domestic and international pension, retirement and sovereign wealth funds representing  more than $2.1 trillion in assets;
  • 21 with investment consultants with assets under advisement of more than $2.5 trillion;
  • 55 with investment managers representing close to $4.4 trillion of assets under management through global and domestic products for the institutional and retail investor markets; and
  • 34 meetings with other organizations and associations active in the investment management and retirement industry.

A focus for many of the meetings continues to be research that NAREIT sponsored with Wilshire Associates on the role of U.S. REITs and global listed real estate securities within target-date funds. These are the most rapidly growing investment products in most 401(k) accounts and other tax-advantaged savings plans within the $7 trillion defined contribution (DC) market.

The investment managers with whom NAREIT have met this year to date collectively control more than 66 percent of target-date fund assets. Of the 180 meetings with managers so far in 2015, 29 have been with organizations among the top 25 firms with respect to target-date fund assets under management.

NAREIT also participated in 10 institutional investment and retirement industry conferences during the third quarter of the year, participating as a speaker, board member, or exhibitor at four of these events.


(Contact:  Kurt Walten at kwalten@nareit.com)

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