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As part of its investor outreach program, Nareit recently visited Beijing and Shanghai, China to meet with institutional investors and asset managers.

A highlight of the trip was a meeting with Tu Guangshao, president of China Investment Corporation (CIC), China’s sovereign wealth fund. Nareit’s discussion focused on the how institutional investors in the U.S. use REITs successfully to gain real estate exposure.

The trip included meetings and briefings with key Chinese regulators, as well as the Shanghai Stock Exchange and with Hong Lei, chairman of the Asset Management Association of China, Nareit’s strategic partner in China.

Nareit also met with a number of other institutional investors and asset managers, including China Life Insurance, ICBC Credit Suisse Asset Management, Harvest Capital Management Company, China AMC, Bank of China, Hua’An Asset Management, Fullgoal Fund, Hwabao Trust, and Haitong Asset Management. Nareit’s message to asset managers focused on the opportunities to develop and market U.S. REIT funds for Chinese investors and to integrate REITs into multi-asset portfolios.

Nareit CEO Steve Wechsler was joined by John Worth, executive vice president of research & investor outreach, and Bonnie Gottlieb, senior vice president of industry & member affairs on the trip.

Wechsler and Worth spoke at the Tsinghua Financial Review and China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce (C-REIT) Alliance Forum’s 2018 International Symposium on REITs; and Worth and Gottlieb spoke at the Asia Pacific Real Estate Association VIP REIT Briefing. These events included top policymakers, real estate developers, and asset managers.

(Contact John Worth at jworth@nareit.com) 

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