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Nareit’s Research and Investor Outreach team conducted 574 meetings during 2018, with many of the largest and most influential investment organizations within the institutional investment marketplace. This exceeds the 2017 total of 551 meetings.

Collectively, these entities represent more than $68 trillion in assets under management or advisement.

The meetings included:

  • 178 with prominent domestic and international pension, retirement, and sovereign wealth fund plan sponsors that represent more than $6 trillion in assets;
  • 70 with investment consultants with assets under advisement of more than $26 trillion; and
  • 244 with investment managers that sponsor global and domestic products for the institutional and retail investor market, representing more than $35 trillion of assets under management.

The team held another 82 meetings with organizations and associations supporting the investment management and the retirement industry. Nareit was active on the institutional investment conference circuit in 2018, attending 82 events and participating in 70 as a speaker, board member, or sponsor. In 2017, the team attended 71 events and participated as a speaker, board member, or sponsor at 53.

During these meetings and appearances, Nareit actively communicates the benefits of the REIT approach to real estate investment—competitive performance, dividend income, diversification, capital appreciation, and inflation protection—to investors worldwide. Data on portfolio allocations demonstrate that investors continue to gain appreciation for what REITs and real estate can offer their portfolios.

(Contact: Kurt Walten at kwalten@nareit.com)

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