03/25/2019 | by
A bylined article by Calvin Schnure, Nareit’s senior vice president of research and economic analysis, was featured on the Barron’s homepage on March 25. The article, titled, “A Recession May Be Coming, but Not for Commercial Real Estate Investors,” makes the case that downturns in commercial real estate typically are caused by one or more of three factors: overbuilding, overheating and over-indebtedness. Schnure argues that none of these factors exists in the commercial real estate market today.
“There still could be bumps in the road, of course,” Schnure writes. “For now, however, 2019 appears set for a favorable performance for the economy, and for commercial real estate.”
For more on what Schnure sees on the horizon for REITs and commercial real estate, read his full story on the Barron’s website.

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