Nareit Welcomes New Member

Nareit is pleased to welcome CorePoint Lodging Inc. (NYSE: CPLG) as its newest corporate member.

CorePoint Lodging is a brand-new entity—a spin-off of the well-known La Quinta hotel brand. In May 2018, CorePoint became a publicly-traded REIT on the NYSE. With the spin-off, La Quinta separated its real estate from its franchise and management business—which was subsequently sold to Wyndham Hotel Group. CorePoint represents the real estate portion of the overall operation and is currently the largest franchisee of Wyndham.

CorePoint Lodging owns a portfolio of 316 hotels and more than 40,000 rooms in locations nationwide. Properties in the CorePoint portfolio are primarily in or near employment centers, airports, and major travel thoroughfares. Keith Cline is the company’s CEO.

Contact: Bonnie Gottlieb


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