Nareit’s Case Makes Presentation on Private Equity and Real Assets

Nareit Senior Vice President for Research & Industry Information Brad Case made a two-hour presentation to 42 financial management professionals in Boston on Dec. 5.

Case’s presentation was part of the live Private Equity and Real Assets training program organized by the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association.

Topics covered by the presentation included:

  • The role of real estate in a mixed-asset portfolio;
  • Return drivers;
  • The relationship between public and private markets;
  • Risks;
  • Investment strategies;
  • Differences among the available performance indices; and
  • Correlations between public and private real estate and between real estate and other assets.

The presentation also addressed investments in timberland, farmland, infrastructure, undeveloped land, intellectual property, and art and other collectibles.

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