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Nareit’s REITweek: 2021 Investor Conference kicks off next week on June 8. Over the course of three days, more than 140 REIT management teams will host 30-minute company presentations and virtual private meetings with investors. View the agenda to see the complete list of companies that will be sharing business plans, forecasts and strategies. Presentations will be recorded and available to registrants through June 30.

REITweek will also feature general sessions that provide the latest perspectives on the economy and industry trends. During "The State of the Capital Markets" session, portfolio managers and analysts will discuss current economic factors—such as inflation—that are influencing the market, the outlook for various REIT sector performance, and the capital market environment for equity and debt. The next day, REIT CEOs will share their perspective on the evolving outlook for REITs and commercial real estate.

Nearly 2,000 investors, REIT executives, and industry leaders have already registered for the conference. Don’t wait to join your peers—request to attend REITweek. Please note that all REITweek attendees must either be a Nareit corporate member, qualified investor, or REITweek sponsor. Registration is complimentary for qualified attendees.

Leading up to REITweek, Nareit interviewed REIT executives and industry leaders who will be attending the conference. Watch the video interviews below:

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