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REESA leadership
REESA members representing Canada, Japan, the U.K., the U.S., and the European Union joined REIT expert and guest presenter Peter Verwer (fourth from left).

The Real Estate Equity Securitization Alliance (REESA), a global alliance of REIT associations, held its fall 2023 semiannual meeting in London on Sept. 4. Leveraging the long-standing infrastructure of its members—which include Nareit’s global counterparts from Asia Pacific, Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, and the U.K.—REESA helps to promote, protect, and expand REITs around the world.

REIT leaders
European REIT and association leaders met with REESA members in London

REESA’s London meeting hosted an additional eight European REIT associations, from Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and Portugal. This extended peer exchange provided an intimate opportunity for these REIT leaders to discuss cross-border challenges, share their local issues, and engage directly with REESA’s thought leaders.

Immediately following the REESA meeting, the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) held its annual investor conference in London, Sept. 5-7.

Ayris Scales, Nareit (far left)
(L-R) Ayris T. Scales, Nareit; Robert Hudson, Grainger; Elisabeth Blaise, Mercialys; and Christel Zordan, Societe de la Tour Eiffel.

Ayris T. Scales, SVP, social responsibility and global initiatives at Nareit, led a session titled “All Change Please,” which focused on winning practices to advance a range of diversity and inclusion efforts across publicly traded European REITs. Other panelists joining Scales were:Elisabeth Blaise, deputy CEO at Mercialys; Robert Hudson, CFO at Grainger; and Christel Zordan, CEO at Societe de la Tour Eiffel.

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