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Ringing of the Bell

The Real Estate Equity Securitization Alliance (REESA) held its spring meeting in Toronto, March 28-29. While there, REESA members joined industry leaders to open the Toronto Stock Exchange, marking the 30th anniversary of REITs in Canada.

Nareit staff in attendance included: Steve Wechsler, president and CEO; John Worth, EVP of research and investor outreach; and Ayris T. Scales, SVP of social responsibility and global initiatives. Other representatives in attendance included:

  • Michael Brooks, CEO, Real Property Association of Canada (REALPAC)
  • Tateyuki Ikura, general assistant to MD, Association for Real Estate Securitization (ARES)
  • Hiromasa Koizumi, deputy secretary general, Association for Real Estate Securitization (ARES)
  • Dominique Moerenhout, CEO, European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA)
  • Sigrid Zialcita, CEO, Asia Pacific Real Assets Association
  • Michael Zorbas, chief executive, Property Council of Australia (PCA)

Items addressed at the meeting included key emerging global issues, as well as global real estate research presented by Canadian-based firm CEM. REESA also highlighted its commitment to advancing, supporting, and scaling the REIT regime globally via programming, advocacy, and capacity-building for REITs and REIT associations in other countries.

REESA hopes to host a regional European meeting in London in September and a global meeting in Singapore in 2024.

Outside the Exchange


REESA Meeting

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