The GRESB Real Estate Participant Training program is underway around the globe, with U.S. dates in mid-March. These programs offer hands-on educational experience, addressing all aspects of sustainability in real estate portfolios as covered by the GRESB Real Estate Assessment.

Trainings combine theoretical characteristics of each GRESB topic with its practical applicability, demonstrated through various examples and case studies and tailored based on respective experience levels. New in 2017, GRESB has introduced a two-tiered program offering both introduction and advanced courses.

NAREIT members can use the discount code “AddAtt” when registering for the 2017 GRESB Participant Training programs held in North America.

*The GRESB Assessment period opens on April 1, with all submissions due by June 30. Further inquiries regarding GRESB can be directed to info@gresb.com.

(Contact: Fulya Kocak at fkocak@nareit.com)

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