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A core element of Nareit’s investor outreach program is to promote REIT-based real estate investment with financial intermediaries who have significant influence over the assets held in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). A key pillar of this outreach is the distribution of the REIT Quick Facts guide, which was sent to more than 145,000 registered investment advisors and financial advisors last week.

Using analysis from Morningstar and Wilshire Associates, the current REIT Quick Facts makes three simple research-based assertions:

  • Real estate is a fundamental asset class, along with stocks, bonds, and cash
  • Diversified investment portfolios should include a real estate allocation between 5%-15%
  • REITs provide a liquid, low-cost means of investing in the real estate asset class

The email campaign is meant to reinforce key messages in the REIT Quick Facts guide while also encouraging financial advisors to visit the campaign’s microsite, REIT.com/quickfacts.

Over time we have seen a significant increase in the percentage of financial advisors who recommend REITs to their clients. Based on the most current data available, more than 80% of advisors invest their clients’ assets in REITs.

(Contact: Abby McCarthy at amccarthy@nareit.com)

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