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JBG SMITH and Pebblebrook Meeting
L to R: AJ Jackson, JBG SMITH; Matt Kelly, JBG SMITH; Jon Bortz, Pebblebrook Hotel Trust; Steve Wechsler, president & CEO, Nareit; Maryland Sen. Brian Feldman (LD 15, Montgomery County).

May 16, 2023 – State Sen. Brian Feldman (SD-15) visited the headquarters of JBG SMITH (NYSE: JBG) in Bethesda, MD and met with representatives from JBG SMITH and Pebblebrook Hotel Trust (NYSE: PEB). During the visit, the State Senator, the chairman of the MD Senate Education, Energy, and the Environment Committee, learned about the many important contributions REITs make to local communities throughout the state and received an update on JBG Smith and Pebblebrook’s recent developments across the country.

Contact: Tony Edwards at tedwards@nareit.com

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