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There is more to today’s narrative about commercial real estate, especially when it comes to REITs. In the September-October 2023 issue of Investment and Pensions Europe Real Assets, Nareit and other industry experts explain why in three articles.

  • The Untold Story About REITs shows how the combination of economic factors and REITs’ unique attributes present key strategic and tactical opportunities for institutional investors.
  • U.S REITs to Lead the Recovery? examines why U.S. REITs’ sound balance sheets, solid operational performance, and the current divergence between U.S. private and public real estate valuations could be harbingers of future REIT outperformance over private real estate.
  • REITs: Time for Institutional Investors to Go Public? discusses the trend of more institutional investors using REITs to take advantage of the macroeconomic environment and to gain access to modern economy sectors to diversify their portfolios.

REITs provide powerful opportunities in today’s economic climate. Amid the headlines about commercial real estate, it’s important for investors to remember there is more to the story when it comes to REITs. 

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