03/26/2018 | by

Nareit’s REITwise: 2018 Law, Accounting and Finance Conference took place March 21-23 in Hollywood, FL. The program covered current political, economic and market events that impact legal, financial, tax and accounting operations within REITs and publicly traded real estate companies.

The REITwise Sourcebook provides materials from the presentations, as well as handouts and additional related materials provided by the speakers. It includes PDFs of each presentation organized by session. The Sourcebook is accessible to REITwise attendees at no additional cost. Attendees can log in here with their reit.com user ID and password to view the Sourcebook.

If you were unable to attend REITwise, but would still like to access these valuable presentations, the Sourcebook materials are available for purchase. Please contact member services at member@nareit.com.

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