Following the decision to table health care reform, Washington is setting its sights on overhauling the tax code.

In an interview with Fox News on March 26, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) said the committee intends to produce a tax reform bill this spring. The goal is to have the legislation signed into law by President Donald J. Trump by the end of the year, according to Brady.

“It’s the number one priority for the President and Republicans as well in Congress,” said Brady, who noted that the House Ways and Means Committee “has been running a parallel track on tax reform” while Congress was considering health care reform.

Last year, Brady and House Speaker Paul Ryan released the Republican “Blueprint” outlining the general principles that would guide their efforts at tax reform.

Brady indicated that he intends for the House bill to serve as the foundation of the GOP tax reform effort, rather than trying to reconcile different bills from Congress, the Treasury Department and the White House.

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