09/08/2022 | by Sarah Borchersen-Keto

The recently enacted Inflation Reduction Act contains $369 billion in energy-related provisions, including new tax credit incentives that were previously unavailable to the REIT industry, says Nareit EVP and General Counsel Cathy Barré.

Speaking to the REIT Report, Barré points out that a number of obstacles have historically limited the ability of REITs to utilize tax credit incentives, with REIT tax credits typically going unused.

Barré points out that under the new legislation, however, REITs that make an eligible investment in EV charging stations, or geothermal and solar capability, will now have the full tax credit available to sell at the REIT level.

During the interview, Barré discusses how the legislation will impact REITs that invest in eligible sustainability-related projects. She also explains the nature of the tax credit incentives, and how REITs can qualify.

Barré also says the regulatory framework resulting from the new energy-related provisions will evolve going forward and encourages sustainability professionals and tax experts to work together to stay engaged and informed.