10/14/2021 | by Sarah Borchersen-Keto

Jonathan Morris, adjunct professor in Georgetown University’s Master’s of Real Estate program and a former REIT executive, believes the continued success and evolution of the REIT industry highlights the need to enhance the level of understanding of the REIT structure and what makes it work so well.

Speaking on the REIT Report, Morris said he has launched a new education platform, REIT Academy, to fill the void in executive and professional development education in the REIT industry. The inaugural program spans eight weeks, comprised of one evening per week for three hours of live instruction, as well as guest speakers from the industry.

Morris said the program will give a student “pretty much everything you need to know to be able to understand any given REIT and come to your own conclusions, using the tools that you'll learn here to assess how to value the company.”

According to Morris, REIT industry fundamentals are “extremely sound.” REITs have low to moderate leverage, professional management teams, and “incredible access” to equity capital. The evolution of new REIT property sectors is also exciting, he said.