REITWise Sourcebook & Video Webcasts

Couldn't attend REITWise but want access to all the valuable information shared with attendees during the three-day conference? You can now purchase access to REITWise webcast sessions and/or the conference materials and presentations provided in the REITWise Sourcebook.

These valuable resources are updated every year to coincide with REITWise®, NAREIT‘s Law, Accounting & Finance Conference®, and are available at no charge to all REITWise conference registrants.
If you could not attend the conference, you can still keep pace with your peers and purchase access to the REITWise Sourcebook and Session Webcasts by completing this order form and sending it to Sourcebook and Video orders are non-transferrable and access is only granted to each individual purchasing the Sourcebook and/or Video.
The Sourcebook provides you with thousands of pages of data including all the presentations, handouts and additional materials used to convey knowledge and share information between speakers and attendees while at the event. The online version also includes valuable materials from Committee meetings and Roundtable Discussions.

REITWise 2017 Sourcebook

The 2017 REITWise® Sourcebook is available in a complimentary downloadable format for registered attendees of 2017 REITWise  and for those that purchase access by clicking here.


Previous REITWise Sourcebooks

Previous editions of the REITWise Sourcebook are available for purchase at substantial discounts. Click here for the order form

The 2016 REITWise® Video Webcasts 

Don’t miss out on the important information conveyed during these valuable sessions.  More than 20 of the most informative and well-attended general and concurrent sessions are made available for purchase to non-attendees.  Sessions include: 
Wednesday, March 30
  • Government Relations Committee
  • Accounting Committee
  • Insurance Committee (audio only)
  • State & Local Tax Subcommittee
Thursday, March 31
  • State of the Capital Markets
  • Fixing a Hole Where the REIT Fell In
  • City of the Future
  • The Future of Financial Reporting
  • Housing Finance Potpourri
  • Timberland REIT Roundtable
  • State and Local Taxes
  • Governance
  • Tax Reform Debate
  • Treasurer Takeaways
  • State of the Real Estate Markets
  • Concurrent Session 1: REIT Taxes All Around Us
  • Public Non-listed REITs
  • SEC Legal Issues
  • PCAOB Issues
  • Due Diligence
Friday, April 1
  • Privatization Primer - Re-learning the Lessons from the 2005-2007 Cycle
  • Financial Standards Update
  • REIT Tax Issues When You Arrive at Work
  • General Counsel Perspectives
You can order the Video Webcasts as a standalone product or together with the Sourcebook for a discount. Click here for the order form