Departments: 1-on-1

  • Doyle Simons

    One-on-One With Weyerhaeuser CEO Doyle Simons

    Weyerhaeuser consolidates its position as a timberland REIT powerhouse.

  • 3/23/2016

    Kevin Keyes Has Annaly Positioned to Prosper

    CEO Kevin Keyes and Annaly have laid the groundwork to thrive as the investment and regulatory landscape changes.

  • Glenn Rufrano

    REIT Veteran Glenn Rufrano Is Restoring Trust At VEREIT

    REIT magazine spoke with Rufrano about the tasks he faces in implementing a new business platform and changing the organizational culture of the net lease REIT.

  • Lauralee Martin

    Lauralee Martin Brings A New Perspective To HCP

    REIT magazine spoke with Martin about those early days of her transition to the CEO’s chair, HCP’s adjustment to life under Obamacare and managing a business that is involved in every facet of the health care system.

  • Oscar Calvillo

    Fibra Inn: Riding the Mexican Wave of Foreign Investment

    Fibra Inn creates cohesion in Mexico’s fragmented business hotel sector.

  • Brian Bickell

    One-On-One With Shaftesbury PLC CEO Brian Bickell

    Chief executive Brian Bickell and Shaftesbury call one of London’s most vibrant neighborhoods home.

  • Don Miller

    One-On-One With Piedmont Office Realty Trust CEO Don Miller

    Straight-shooting CEO Don Miller has overseen Piedmont Office Realty Trust’s growth since its listing on the NYSE five years ago. 
  • Broadstone CEO AMy Tait

    One-On-One With Broadstone Real Estate CEO Amy Tait

    Broadstone Real Estate CEO AMy Taits talks to  REIT magazine about how Broadstone competes with its larger, public peers, the experience of working alongside family and the potential growth for single-family rentals.

  • Ric Campo

    Camden Heads for the Goal Line

    Bringing the Super Bowl to his hometown and designing cutting-edge apartments are part of the job for Camden Property Trust’s Ric Campo.

  • Rick Holley

    Plum Creek Timber Harvesting Opportunities Across Its Portfolio

    Plum Creek CEO Rick Holley explores ways to maximize value out of every acre owned.