Departments: Capital Markets

  • Bradford Stoesser

    The Growth of Green Investment Strategies

    Once a niche space within the world of financial products, green investment strategies have grown in terms of sophistication and diversity.

  • Dave Nadig

    Facts on ETFs, GICS Changes

    Dave Nadig spoke with REIT magazine about the market for ETFs and the implications of the GICS move for listed REITs and real estate companies on the buy side of the investing industry.

  • Superforecasting

    Phil Tetlock Explains the Art and Science of Superforecasting

    University of Pennsylvania professor Phil Tetlock argues that certain people do possess astute predicting prowess in his new book. 

  • Mark Snyderman of Fidelity Investments

    Key Issues for the REIT Market in 2016 From Mark Snyderman of Fidelity Investments

    Mark Snyderman, a portfolio manager with Fidelity Investments, has overseen a broad range of real estate investment portfolios in his career. 

  • Alvin Roth

    Nobel Prize Winner Alvin Roth Plays the Match Game

    The “Who Gets What—and Why” author takes a deep dive into the discipline of market design and some of its practical applications. 

  • Don Hanna

    Spanning the Globe with Don Hanna of Roubini Global Economics

    Don Hanna offers his insights on some of the biggest economic stories from around the world.

  • Mike Nash

    Blackstone’s Michael Nash Reflects on Thoughtful Lending and Expanding Market Share

    Michael Nash spoke recently with REIT magazine on topics including the state of market fundamentals and the reasons why Blackstone has been selling so much of its real estate lately.

  • Russ Roberts

    Russ Roberts Applies Adam Smith to Modern-Day Issues

    In the 18th century, Adam Smith and his “invisible hand” changed the course of human history. The writings of the Scottish philosopher and father of economics have far more to offer than just wisdom on the law of supply and demand, though, according to Russ Roberts.

  • Robert Zoellick

    Talking Lessons Learned with Former World Bank Head Robert Zoellick

    "REITs will be attractive to investors who prefer a more liquid asset. The lower entry costs of REITs will also be more appealing to smaller investors." 

  • Rob Arnott

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