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  • 7/19/2018

    The Future for REITs

    How are REITs in different sectors adapting to the fundamental changes in the way we utilize real estate now and into the future?

  • 5/10/2018

    Nareit's Members Show Industry's Breadth

    The impact REITs have on communities and the economy is magnified when you look at the full breadth of real estate assets that REITs own.

  • 3/13/2018

    Focusing on Diversity

    The call for improved diversity goes well beyond the real estate industry, and the movement continues to gain momentum.

  • 1/22/2018

    Industry Leaders Recognized at Nareit's REITworld

    Nareit recognized the contributions of two individuals whose career accomplishments have greatly benefited the REIT industry, as well as Nareit members that have produced superior, measurable results from the implementation of sustainable business practices.

  • 10/30/2017

    Nareit's New Look

    At Nareit, we are always looking for ways to better represent and serve our members. And REIT magazine is no exception. 

  • Matt Bechard

    REIT Magazine Reader Survey

    1,000 readers of REIT magazine with a range of job functions and perspectives on the industry were surveyed.

  • Matt Bechard

    Moving the Needle: NAREIT’s Dividends Through Diversity Initiative

    NAREIT’s Dividends Through Diversity Initiative seeks to promote the recruitment, inclusion and advancement of women and other minority groups in REITs and the broader commercial real estate industry.

  • 5/22/2017

    A REIT Road Trip: "That's Owned by a REIT"

    A family vacation makes it obvious just how many REITs are in our communities.

  • 3/17/2017

    Generation Gaps

    Time—and, of course, success—can go a long way toward changing the perception about anything.

  • Matt Bechard

    Teacher Say, Student Do

    You never know what or when a word of wisdom or a show of encouragement can make all the difference.