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  • Matt Bechard

    REITs: Building a Sustainable Buzz

    The very concept of sustainability has evolved to include a wide range of environmental, social and governance issues that permeate businesses from the property level to the C-suite.

  • Matthew Bechard

    REITWeek Comes of Age

    The growth of REITWeek tracks the overall expansion and visibility of the REIT industry. 

  • Matt Bechard

    The Importance of REITs and Digital Infrastructure

    The need for more digital infrastructure is only going to increase.

  • Matt Bechard

    The More Things Change

    The changes to REIT Magazine and the REIT industry over the last 15 years have been significant. 

  • 11/6/2015

    REIT Redevelopment Projects Are Transforming Communities

    REITs have helped communities change and grow by reinvigorating graying downtowns and meeting the needs of expanding suburbs.

  • 9/11/2015

    Global Expansion of REIT Brand Centered on Variety and Familiarity

    The REIT brand is undergoing a global expansion centered on variety and familiarity.

  • 7/23/2015

    The Importance of Pacing

    One of the first lessons all endurance runners learn is the importance of pacing.

  • Matt Bechard

    A New Era

    The REIT industry is now in the early stages of what could be called the third phase of its 55-year existence.

  • Matt Bechard

    A Compelling Offer

    While the market conditions may vary and the volume will ebb and flow, the ingredients for a successful REIT IPO remain constant—strong management, compelling investment strategy and the right assets/portfolio.

  • Matt Bechard

    Knowing What We Know (and Don’t)

    As we flip the page on a new calendar year, it seems appropriate to reflect on the words of famed philosopher Donald Rumsfeld.  “There are known knowns… There are known unknowns… But there are also unknown unknowns.”