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  • 3/23/2016

    A Closer Look At Listed REITs

    Institutional investors reevaluating role of REITs in retirement portfolios.

  • 2/1/2016

    Analysts Offer Their Assessments of Equity REITs for 2016

    Our panel of analysts offer their Equity REIT predictions for 2016.

  • 1/28/2016

    Women Are Becoming A Powerful Presence in the REIT World

    There are a growing number of women holding influential positions currently in the REIT industry.

  • 1/27/2016

    Hospitality Properties Trust's Specialty Appeals to Investors

    Hospitality Properties Trust has built a time-tested business specializing in suburban hotels.

  • 11/9/2015

    Capital Market Predictions for 2016

    Investment bankers discuss real estate capital market drivers for 2016.

  • Albert Behler

    Paramount Group's Well-Honed Growth Strategy

    After its landmark IPO, office REIT Paramount Group has made a smooth transition into the public sphere.

  • 11/4/2015

    REITs Rethinking Joint Ventures

    In today's market, joint ventures for most REITs represent a cheaper alternative to raising equity.

  • 11/3/2015

    How REITs Are Dealing With Shareholder Activism

    As the REIT industry’s size and profile has increased, activist investors have become more vocal.

  • Liberty Property Trusts Navy Yard

    Four Transformative REIT Redevelopment Projects

    A number of REITs are engaged in redevelopment projects to transform outmoded assets into viable business and residential space.

  • Westfield

    Westfield: Changing the Face of Retail

    Westfield focuses on flagship stores in flagship assets.