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Nearly 40 million Americans invest in REITs

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Opportunities Await

Buoyed by strong balance sheets, REITs SHOULD continue to grow by acquisition in 2013, recycling capital along the way, investment bankers say.

Duke’s Transformative Decade

Denny Oklak has overseen Duke Realty'’s dramatic evolution.

PIMCO and the Resilient REIT

One of the investment industry’s most influential says REITs have passed an important test.

Serving Sustainability

Results of new survey on energy-use practices show REITs are focusing even more on their environmental impact.

Say Hello to EPR

New name and brand reflect evolution at the former Entertainment Properties Trust

The Long Road Back

Nascent Housing Recovery Bodes Well for REITland

Seeking Certainty

REITs look forward to more certainty for consumers in the coming year

Mind Your Own Business

REITs focused on business customers face familiar challenges in different ways.

A Green Benchmark

The industry has taken environmental consciousness to heart, developing operating principles, eco-friendly technologies and best practices.

The Green Team

Leaders in the area of REIT sustainability practices.


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