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Industrial REITs continue to play an integral role in the rise of e-commerce and changing the way consumers shop and receive goods. Industrial REITs own logistics centers that help consumer purchases get quickly from the seller’s store to the buyer’s home and employ state-of-the-art technologies to make the transshipment and delivery process work smoothly.

The industrial REIT sector has grown rapidly to keep up with e-commerce, with their total portfolio of industrial space increasing more than 35 percent over the past five years. As developable space close to consumers becomes scarce, and with the growing premium on timely, last-mile delivery, REITs have begun to introduce multistory logistics facilities in urban centers to improve the local supply chain dynamics.

With no sign of slowing in e-commerce, industrial REITs are well positioned to meet the future demand for logistics space.

Industrial REITs also own warehouses, light manufacturing, R&D facilities, and office buildings in the United States and in major countries around the world. Through this diverse set of properties, the industrial REIT sector helps manufacturing, e-commerce, and corporate businesses manage the real estate they need for their production, distribution, and global supply chain networks.


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