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Retailers Embracing Omnichannel Delivery

When the pandemic prompted restrictions on activities in public, many stores and malls were closed and subsequently operated in a limited capacity during the early months of reopening, and many purchases migrated online.

Since then, however, shoppers have reasserted their preference for shopping in person for many types of goods, especially those for which style, size and fit are important. Foot traffic in malls and shopping centers have rebounded, as have sales by tenants in brick-and-mortar locations.

Many consumers also appreciate the experience of in-person shopping compared to purchasing online. After two years of online video conferences and online shopping, it can be a relief to stroll through a mall or shopping center, surveying the store displays and perhaps enjoying a snack or a drink after making your purchases.

Certain items, of course, are easier to buy online, especially those standardized repeat purchases where the consumer knows exactly what they want. Even with these types of products, however, returns and exchanges are often easier at a physical location, and an in-store or curbside pickup allows the buyer to get the goods immediately. As a result, most major retailers continue to embrace the “omnichannel” delivery model with both brick-and-mortar retail and an online presence.

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