09/14/2018 | by

James Nelson, President & CEO, Global Net Lease, Inc. (NYSE: GNL)

"With 264 properties in the U.S. and 69 in the U.K. and Western Europe, our investment strategy and our investment advisor’s (Global Net Lease Advisors) experience abroad give us a unique advantage to identify, assess, and capitalize on opportunities across a wide set of markets.

We see the U.S. as continuing to offer the best near-term acquisition opportunities as we can secure going in mid-7 percent cap rates with average 10-year leases. These terms are far superior to what is available in the U.K. and Western Europe today.

We monitor closely the U.K. and Western Europe markets where we have been active since 2012. Our advisor has personnel dedicated to GNL in London and Luxembourg who meet regularly with tenants, real estate managers, lenders, brokers, and sellers. This market presence puts us in a good position to act quickly as good opportunities arise.”

David Nunes, President & CEO, Rayonier Inc. (NYSE: RYN)

"Rayonier prides itself in having a well-diversified timberland portfolio, with exposure to strong log markets in the U.S. South, Pacific Northwest, and New Zealand. China’s economy has a large and growing wood products supply deficit. We participate in this market both directly through log exports out of each of our three operating regions, as well as indirectly through lumber exports coming from our domestic customer base in the U.S. and New Zealand.

Last year, approximately 13 percent of our log volume across the company went to China. Each of our timber segments competes in different regional and product subsets within the vast China market, offering further diversification. We are well-positioned to benefit from the growth of the China market based on our unique exposure to New Zealand and our proximity to ports in all three operating regions.”

Gary Wojtaszek, President & CEO, CyrusOne (NASDAQ: CONE)

"Over the past year, we have focused on a successful strategy of acquisitions and strategic partnerships in both Europe and China. On the European front, we have made inroads in key strategic markets that include the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

In China, we have forged a strategic partnership with GDS that has allowed us to quickly scale alongside the world’s biggest cloud companies in the region.

Our clients include the leading cloud providers and 200 of the Fortune 1000. We closely coordinate with them on how we can provide best-in-class services that can scale quickly. Speed is everything in today’s world and no data center company can build and scale as fast as CyrusOne.”