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12/20/2021 | by Diane Rusignola

Richard Anderson, managing director and senior REIT analyst at SMBC Nikko Securities America, Inc., participated in a video interview in conjunction with Nareit’s REITworld: 2021 Annual Conference.

Anderson said that “the story is still being written” regarding REIT performance throughout the pandemic.

“The typical patterns of performance have been disrupted by COVID-19, some more than others depending on the property sector,” he said, adding that it will be important to watch inflation and interest rates.

Turning to REIT M&A activity in 2022, Anderson said potential sellers may be more eager now that stocks have largely recovered.

Anderson also talked about SMBC’s U.S. equities division, noting that the firm is a bit of a boutique shop within the confines of an enormous bank based in Tokyo.

“It’s given us an opportunity to think creatively with the support of a large bank,” he added.