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Ray Beeman, principal at EY, participated in a video interview during Nareit’s REITwise: 2024 Law, Accounting & Finance Conference held March 19-21 in Hollywood, Florida.

Beeman emphasized the critical importance of the ongoing election cycle in shaping future tax legislation. He underscored the significance of negotiating leverage, noting, "What's at stake is nothing less than the distribution of negotiating leverage as we head into what's almost inevitably the next major chapter in U.S. comprehensive tax reform." He highlighted that both the balance of power between parties and internal party dynamics will play crucial roles in shaping the agenda.

Regarding the impact of global corporate tax changes on U.S. policy, Beeman pointed out the substantial influence of the next administration. "The next administration will be far more influential when it comes to the U.S. impact from the global corporate tax changes," he said, highlighting the limitations of Congress in affecting the global tax landscape.

Turning to the ongoing tax extenders bill, Beeman emphasized the significance of the individuals involved in the negotiation process. He emphasized the continuity of key figures post-election, stressing their role in shaping future tax reform efforts.