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02/08/2021 | by Diane Rusignola

Carol Samaan, vice president–corporate counsel and ESG at Healthpeak Properties, Inc. (NYSE: PEAK), participated in a video interview in conjunction with Nareit’s ESG JumpStart Workshop: 2021 Webinar Series

Samaan discussed:

  • Key reporting metrics and policies for governance issues that REITs should pay attention to
  • The first steps that REITs should take when beginning an executive sustainability committee
  • When and how REIT boards should make a commitment to ESG

“Another area [of corporate governance] that’s emerging is responsible supply chain. This is something that more and more stakeholders, especially investors, are looking to,” Samaan said. “What is a company doing to ensure not only that their own ESG practices are sound, but that the vendors, and the business partners they work with, also have responsible ESG policies in place?”