01/24/2022 | by Sarah Borchersen-Keto

JoAnna Abrams, Founder and CEO of MindClick, Inc., participated in a video interview in conjunction with Nareit’s ESG JumpStart Workshop: 2022 Webinar Series.

Abrams explained how MindClick provides data and analytics to help organizations make better purchasing decisions, and to enable them to work with their suppliers to green the global supply chain.

Investors, meanwhile, are looking for quantifiable data and analytics that can demonstrate a measurable impact both from an environmental as well as social responsibility standpoint. “They need to see measurement, they need to see continuous improvement,” Abrams said. While this concrete data may be what draws them in, the ultimate benefit to investors lies in MindClick’s ability to integrate seamlessly into company ESG strategies, moving the needle towards bigger picture goals like tracking and reducing Scope 3 emissions.

“Organizations that are working on bringing process and structure into how they do their renovations and new construction, and are really looking at what choices they are making when it comes to purchasing products from their suppliers, will be demonstrating that to their investors and will really stand out relative to other options that are available to the investment community,” Abrams said.

Meanwhile, Abrams also commented on how brands and management companies are changing their approach to specifying and purchasing products to support ESG requirements.