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Embracing Diversity and Inclusion Ensures Companies Attract Best Talent

Jim Berry, partner and U.S. real estate leader at Deloitte, participated in a video interview at Nareit’s REITwise: 2019 Law, Accounting & Finance Conference in San Antonio.

Berry discussed some of the findings of Deloitte’s 2019 Commercial Real Estate Outlook. He noted that 97 percent of the 500 global investors responding to the survey said they will maintain or increase their allocation to real estate over the next 18 months.

In terms of where capital is flowing from, Berry pointed out that the United States, Germany, and Canada are all showing the largest increases. Meanwhile, the top markets attracting capital are the U.S., China, and Hong Kong.

Berry also touched on the issues facing the commercial real estate industry in terms of recruiting new talent and promoting diversity and inclusion.

“The real estate industry really needs to increase its investment in how they attract the next generation…any organization that recognizes, appreciates, and embraces diversity and inclusion is going to get the best people, the best talent, and quite honestly the best viewpoint of issues to bring back to the organization,” Berry said.