EPA ENERGY STAR Program Incorporating Tenant Recognition

Jean Lupinacci, director of the commercial and industrial branch of ENERGY STAR at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), joined REIT.com for a video interview at NAREIT’s 2017 Leader in the Light Working Forum at the Hilton Austin in Austin, Texas.

Lupinacci discussed the EPA’s plans to introduce Tenant Star, a program to recognize energy-efficient design, construction and operation of tenant spaces.

“Trying to reach the tenants to educate them, so they can do their part, fits perfectly into the overall mission of ENERGY STAR,” she said.

The EPA is currently seeking public comment on tenant recognition criteria, Lupinacci noted.

Once the Tenant Star recognition is in place, Lupinacci said it will provide REITs an opportunity to “close the gap” with their tenants at the time the lease is signed.