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QTS Realty Trust Calls 5G a “Unique Opportunity” for Data Centers

Chad Williams, chairman and CEO of QTS Realty Trust (NYSE: QTS), participated in a video interview at Nareit’s REITworld: 2018 Annual Conference in San Francisco.

Williams called the advent of 5G a “unique opportunity” for all data centers to take on more content.

“[We’ll be able to] push it and distribute it in a way that works for more and more creativity, and innovation and technology,” he said, adding that technology has shown that people innovate around its capabilities.

Williams said that QTS’s business is focused on hyperscale opportunities in its hybrid colocation.

“What’s fun about that is we really have the scale at the data center level, and the infrastructure level, to work with many of the largest technology companies in the world,” he said. “We consider that about 30 companies that buy at the scale and utilize that type of infrastructure in our over 6 million square feet of data center opportunity.”

Williams also discussed QTS’s commitment to a carrier-neutral approach within its data centers, saying that it’s important because it gives the company more opportunities to succeed in the market.

“All our communications are basically able to be run through our service delivery platform, so it’s a very automated, digitized fashion—not like the kind of older tradition of very physical, cross-connected business,” he said.