REITs: Everywhere, Every Day
For more than 50 years, REITs have made it possible for Americans from all walks of life to invest in income-producing real estate. REITs own and finance a diverse array of property types in all 50 states as well as many countries across the globe. REITs own more than $1 trillion of real estate in the U.S. and help support nearly 1 million jobs each year through their own operations and use of their facilities. And nearly 50 million Americans invest in REITs through their 401(k) plans. In fact, you probably encounter REITs through the real estate they own and finance in a variety of ways every day.
In this educational video, a family realizes how many ways they interact with REIT-owned properties in a given day.
REITs provide places where we live, including apartments, housing for students and single-family homes. REITs may own the building where our children to go to school. REITs may own the real estate that helps us connect to the Internet and the cloud. REITs own many of the buildings where we work. REITs provide some of the towers that help keep us connected in our wireless world. REITs provide an option for financing our homes and commercial properties.
REITs may provide a place to call home when we are away from our own. REITs may own the offices and facilities where we go when our children get sick or we need other medical assistance. REITs provide places where we shop, whether it’s the mall or the local grocery store. REITs own timberlands that provide the foundation for construction projects of all sizes. REITs provide facilities that help support the flow of goods in our economy. REITs offer a place to store the things we can’t let go of. REITs offer places to relax and play, including movie theaters, ski resorts and even…golf courses.
As you see, we use the real estate that REITs own and the services that come from it in a variety of ways nearly every day of our lives. In fact, REITs own property in every state, nearly 40,000 in all. REITs help provide places where we live, work, shop and play. REITs are truly with us “Everywhere. Every Day.