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ULI Greenprint Emphasizes Role of Tenants in Energy Emissions Reduction

Micah Brill, vice president at ULI Greenprint, joined Nareit for a video interview at Nareit’s 2018 ESG Forum in Seattle.

Brill explained that the mission of ULI Greenprint is to work with the real estate industry to help support a 50 percent emissions reduction by 2030.

As part of that effort, Brill stressed the importance of internal and external benchmarking.

Brill also discussed ULI’s Tenant Energy Optimization Program, which is focused on working with all stakeholders to communicate the benefits of thinking through more efficient operations at the outset of the lease process.

The program provides a framework for collaboration so there’s an understanding of how to achieve more efficient space design and a series of steps to follow to make the project happen, Brill explained.

“Owners can only control so much. Tenants really are responsible for maybe more than 50 percent of energy use at any given property, so tenants need to play a role in helping the whole industry achieve energy emission reductions,” Brill said.