The Diplomat Beach Resort
3555 S Ocean Dr. Hollywood FL 33019
Sept. 20 - 21
The Diplomat Beach ResortHollywood, FL

REITworks: 2021 Conference

What is REITworks? Nareit’s REITworks is an educational conference where REIT industry professionals will have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and good governance impacting the real estate sector. Attendees will hear thought leaders discuss key topics related to accounting, financial reporting, sustainability, capital markets, disclosures, investor relations, diversity and inclusion, human resources, and more.

Why should I attend? The commercial real estate industry is changing quickly—environmental, social, and governance issues are no longer the sole responsibility of one individual or a small team. ESG has truly become an enterprise-wide issue. Whether it’s learning about the implications of the new leasing standard, successful ESG reporting, or how to effectively implement or enhance a diversity and inclusion program, REITworks will set you up to succeed in your field.

REITworks allows you to select the educational sessions that work best for you. You’ll have the ability to craft your own program to suit your needs, interests, and professional goals. Attendees will also be able to earn continuing education credits.

Who will be at REITworks? REITworks is open to all interested professionals. The topics of focus at REITworks affect many different roles within the real estate industry and will cover both a tactical and strategic perspective. Attendees’ job functions will include human resources, accounting, c-suite, finance, sustainability, investor relations, legal, operations, asset management, and more.

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