House Bill: H.R. 1616 Co-Sponsors

House Ways and Means Committee Sponsors:

Republicans   Democrats
Philip M. Crane - IL08     Pete Stark - CA13
William M. Thomas - CA21     Sander Levin - MI12
E. Clay Shaw - FL22     Benjamin L. Cardin - MD03
Nancy L. Johnson - CT06     Jim McDermott - WA07
Amo Houghton, Jr. - NY31     Richard Neal - MA02
Wally Herger - CA02     Michael McNulty - NY21
Jim McCrery - LA04     John Tanner - TN08
Dave Camp - MI04     Xavier Becerra - CA30
Jim Ramstad - MN03     Karen Thurman - FL05
Sam Johnson - TX03    
Jennifer Dunn - WA08    
Rob J. Portman - OH02    
Philip S. English - PA21    
J.D. Hayworth - AZ06    
Jerry Weller - IL11    
Kenny C. Hulshof - MO09    
Mark Foley - FL16    
Scott McInnis - CO03    

Additional House Sponsors:

Spencer Bachus - R-AL 6
Thomas M. Davis - R-VA 11
Harold Ford - D-TN 9
Martin Frost - D-TX 24
James P. Moran - D-VA 8
Silvestre Reyes - D-TX 16

Addressing Correspondence to a Representative:

The Honorable (Full Name)
United States House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative _______________:

NOTE: So that we can effectively monitor the flow of correspondence between NAREIT members and Capitol Hill, please blind copy NAREIT on each letter you send. All copies should be sent to:

Marty DePoy
Vice President of Government Relations
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