Michele Lerner

Michele Lerner

Michele Lerner is a freelance writer and regular contributor to REIT magazine.

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    Lodging REITs Monitoring Airbnb and the Sharing Economy

    Lodging REITS
    Airbnb and the sharing economy have become a topic of significant discussion among hospitality REITs.
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    mREITs Prepare for Interest Rate Hikes

    Investing in mortgages requires the ability to handle the ebb and flow of interest rate changes.
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    Westfield: Changing the Face of Retail

    Westfield focuses on flagship stores in flagship assets.
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    Timberland REITs Standing Tall

    Sustainability platforms have become must-haves across the timberland REIT sector.
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    Flexibility and Reserves Help Keep MFA Financial Prepared

    Bill Gorin
    Having survived nearly two decades’ worth of market cycles MFA Financial feel well equipped to navigate through today’s changing mortgage marketplace.
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    Tight Supply Sending Hotel Occupancy Rates to Record Levels

    Flatiron Building
    Luxury hotels and upscale resorts, favored properties for lodging REITs, have been in high demand by a variety of travelers for several years. Yet, few new hotels are under development, which is anticipated to push occupancy rates to 30-year highs by 2016. 
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    Changing Tenant Space Needs Shaping Office Development

    Office scene
    Technology is significantly impacting most real estate sectors, including the office sector.