07/25/2022 | by

Between 2009 and 2022 the North American regional weight in the FTSE EPRA Nareit Developed index series increased from 41% to 65%, with 95% of North America represented by the United States. Over this same time period, the Developed Asia regional weight declined from 42% to 22%, while Developed Europe has declined from 18% to 12%, as shown in Chart 1. This increasing imbalance has prompted investor interest in a U.S.-capped version of the index series.

In response, FTSE Russell, EPRA, and Nareit announce the launch of FTSE EPRA Nareit U.S. 55% Capped Indexes. These new indexes have been designed to offer FTSE EPRA Nareit clients exposure to the global real estate market, while capping the country weight of the United States at 55% at each quarterly review. Please contact FTSE Russell Client Services for subscription inquiries.

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