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Children of Sun Communities’ employees participating in the Back 2 School with Sun program. Photo courtesy of Sun Communities, Inc.

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Supporting Team Members and Their Families by Providing Educational Programming and Tutoring Services

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, Sun Communities recognized the burden faced by working parents who struggled with the uncertainty of in-person schooling and childcare. In response, Sun surveyed its team members to assess the need for educational support for children. Once demand was evident, the company developed its “Back 2 School with Sun” program. This unique program provides team members and their families support to navigate the challenges of providing educational support for their children during a global pandemic.

“Back 2 School with Sun” is an initiative primed to provide enriching, virtual academic and social opportunities for children of company team members, uplifting both Sun employees and their families.

To kick off the program, Sun hired three tutors, two of whom were existing team members in guest services. Additionally, the company hired a full-time teacher focused on curating content for preschool-aged children.

Sun’s tutors are experienced educational specialists who offer one-on-one virtual sessions with students, adapting to individual needs. To make the tutoring sessions easily accessible, Sun offers a scheduling tool dedicated to the program which provides available time blocks and tutor profiles. Post-session, tutors send follow-up emails describing what was covered in the session and what is planned next. These programs are all free of charge for team members.

“The ‘Back 2 School with Sun’ program has been a blessing for me as my child experiences another disrupted school year. The tutoring provides an extra resource to ensure my child learns and understands the academic concept of her grade level.”
-Vanessa Ogua, Barista, Sun Communities, Inc.

For preschool-age children, Sun’s curriculum specialist curated safe and educational content options including interactive opportunities such as, virtual tours of zoos and museums, yoga classes, and arts and crafts projects.

“Back 2 School with Sun” has brought comfort to parents and those with children in their care as they navigate the uncertainties of the pandemic. Moving forward, Sun plans to maintain the program and adapt and scale as needed to allow team members the relief to focus on their work, knowing that their families are fully supported to excel in their schooling.

Sun Communties, Inc. is a fully integrated REIT that is in the business of acquiring, operating, developing, and expanding manufactured home communities, RV Resorts and marinas.

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