More Than 170 REITs Have Submitted 1099-DIV Data to Nareit

More than 170 companies have submitted 2017 information for Nareit's annual effort to collect data on IRS Form 1099-DIV reporting by stock exchange-listed and public non-listed Nareit member companies.

The data repository offers an excellent way to make sure that shareholders (as well as the mutual funds and brokers who are their intermediaries) receive correct 1099 data on REIT dividends on a timely basis for the purpose of preparing their tax returns. This year, Nareit continued the automated process implemented last year to improve the reporting process.

To improve understanding of REIT-based real estate investment and to encourage more investors to invest in REITs, Nareit provides more than 20 years of REIT dividend data that are used by investors and academics alike.

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